• Rachel Prior

Creative Quarantine

We just mastered our album, the final polish is going on the artwork after two years of production...and then the world pauses. Like many of you, we are juggling loss of work, new work, with children home learning outside the school box. I'm taking a deep breath of gratitude for life, for quiet moments, the beautiful air, and connections with people, the love revealed in our fear of loss. In spite of it or because of this great pause, we have been writing new music, practicing, arranging songs and preparing to share with you in a new way. Our songs are taking on a new urgency--we're "not gonna break apart/fighting shadows in the dark". Yesterday, the kids and I sang a song on our front step just before 7 to acknowledge front line workers. We need music more than ever to keep us connected, and courageous, in this wild time of change. We've got to stay awake, stay present, and figure out how to rebirth ourselves each day. As my children notice new maple leaves budding, pea sprouts as they push out of the soil, the intelligence of a spider rebuilding it's web after a windstorm, I'm reminded of the wonder we can find in our lives when we get off the treadmill, out of the traffic jams, out of our "habitual mind."

Looking forward to sharing some music with you in the coming weeks.