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Likewise album: Pre-order your copy!

Pre-Order Likewise Album here:

Pre-order Likewise album!

We are fine-tuning mixes before mastering our new album of 11 songs in the next few weeks. We are so stoked about how our songwriting has expanded and come alive with production. We are excited about this album's sound! Just to give you a glimpse, we took a snapshot of one of the mixes we have woven together from some great recording of our song Drink My Fill. It's alchemy, this process, creating synergy in the music between Max, Chris and I. We decided to make album pre-sales available to help us with printing costs. You can now pre-order your copy to be first to receive a digital album download as soon as it is available; we will mail you a CD when they are printed. Can't wait to share it with you!


Thank you to everyone who has supported us in this project...

Drink My Fill--mixing in Digital Performer:

Drink My Fill - Digital Performer mixing

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