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inspirit studio: recording in spirit of change

We are proud of the music we've created and excited to soon share the album! In honour of our patience and determination to complete this album, under stressful circumstances, here are two teasers of the latest mixes to whet your appetite for our full album when it is released:

Inspirit Studio was a labour of love of 20 years of creating a studio venue to record and host community music events. We hosted over 20 concerts with artists like Ezra Kwizera, Siobhan Walsh, Tracey G, Kiki Connelly, Brian Baroda, Illiteratty, JD Eides, Saritah and many other fine musicians--with full sound and lights in a unique, intimate space. The house was sold in the spring and we had to move, so in May and June while looking for new housing and packing we continued recording with our producer, Max Serpentini. In the weeks before taking down the studio, we recorded drums with Ben Brown and David Popoff over two days, and eight-part harmony vocals with gospel soloists, and back-up vocal gems with Kiki Connelly, Star Trickey, and Brian Baroda in three evening sessions. We even got in an afternoon of horns with Langston Raymond and Tim Sars days before we had to dismantle the studio for the big move.

In our new smaller space we've recorded back-up vocals (with my children and Emily Villavicencio), bass, percussion and now have only piano, cello, and lead guitar left before final mixing and mastering. 11 original songs are sounding fantastic and are at the fine-tuning stage.

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