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Tracking our steps in music​

How do you create the space in your life to do what is yours to do—what your soul is calling for you to manifest? After a month of focus on parenting, teaching work, and household transitions, I have put recording our album on the front burner in my life.

​No matter what, my life works better when I put my full energy into music. I can be a present and authentic Mama to my children; I do things more efficiently and with more playfulness—cooking, cleaning, music admin and even my teaching-on-call. I can love Chris, and enjoy our time together more deeply, in music and in life. I don’t even mind early mornings and late nights as long as I feel the music guiding my steps. It becomes easier to let go of what's challenging because I've made an internal commitment to what truly feeds me.

​​So we’re tracking! In the last 4 weeks, we’ve done pre-production on another 3 songs—In the Dark, Freedom, and The Way That I Am. We completed guide tracks (vocal and guitar) and tracked rhythm guitars on Earthquake, Drink My Fill, Way Deep Down, In the Dark, Ageless Sun, Freedom, and Drawing Lines!

​We’ve also re-arranged Fractals, a newer song, and an older song What’s Alive, for our next two songs to record. Both of them have unusual song forms and lyrics that reach beyond the physical world. We want to keep the eccentric beauty of the lyrics and form and still connect with people. Next we record guide tracks and guitar tracks for Power Now, The Way That I Am and What's Alive, which makes a baker's dozen bed tracks for our album!

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