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Pre-production for Likewise' Debut Album!

We're excited to be working with Max Serpentini as producer for our Likewise recording. So far in our pre-production sessions with him we have fine-tuned melodies, keys, and tempos, honed rhythm guitar parts and Max added some second guitar parts--slide, open-tuning, and some lead. It feels a little like when you do spring cleaning and take everything out so you can organize it. Looks like the room is pulled apart before you put it all back together! But we're bringing these songs to their best potential and they are sounding great! (Click HERE to help us fund our album production!)

Last week we started pre-production on drums and percussion with Susana and Max, tightening arrangements, transitions with guitar, honing dynamics. We will go through each song and fine-tune percussion and drums. The next step after that is recording scratch tracks with vocals and guitar. By then, I will have some new guitar parts ready!

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