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Likewise expanded for our debut album!

We are thrilled to introduce Susana Abreu Bello, our new member of Likewise! Susana Abreu Bello's singing career began in Caracas Venezuela when a professional band began rehearsing in her apartment building basement. The musicians let her sing one day for a laugh - only to hire her on the spot after recognizing a natural, powerful voice. From there she began singing everything from folk music to rock and roll while writing her own music and learning to play drums, congas and guitar.

​​By the time she was 15 Susana was playing 4 nights a week at local nightclubs ​

while going to high school. By 22 she had one of the hottest acts in the Caracas nightlife, where people lined up around the block to enjoy her unique mix of Latin and Anglo pop and rock. In the meantime she did back up vocals for famous Latin singers like Venezuelan artists Frank Quintero and Kiara, and Puerto Rican singer Johnny Rivera.

​In 1998 Susana left Venezuela and immigrated to Canada. In December 2004 she released Latin Roots, her debut original album. Susana has performed in the Vancouver International Jazz festival, in 2006 alongside Arturo Sandoval and in 2009 alongside Poncho Sanchez. She has performed with Canadian Singer Songwriter Heidi McCurdy, with outstanding guitar player Doug Towle and his Supernatural Santana Tribute band, and has fronted the largest Latin Jazz band on the West Coast Goma Dura since 2004.

She brings her wealth of experience with vocals and percussion, and a passion for music to Likewise! We are currently in production of our debut album together. Click on the Likewise logo or Susana's photos to check out our Crowdfunding Video with our single Journey Light.

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