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The Making of Journey Light

The song came to me as a melody first. I felt so compelled to complete it with chords and lyrics that I arranged for my kids to go to the park with their grandma while I sat in the car cramped with my guitar for hours. Later Chris and I edited the lyrics and added harmonies. We performed the song for two years before working with Max to produce it as the first song for our debut album. The journey of the song is a story of how we carry burdens too heavy for our years from our family lineage. I enjoy life more when I give voice to a playful child inside, “carrying only what feeds my dreams”. In the process of wood-shedding, recording, and performing a song, I let go of what prevents me from being present; the more a song evolves the more I am able to “stay awhile in my own skin”. That recording process was a journey as well. We recorded and produced the track with feature guest and producer Max Serpentini who brought an exacting demand for musical and technical excellence with much humour and finesse. He contributed drums and additional guitar as well as his pre- and post-production savvy. We recorded with a L’arrivee D9 in Eb tuning, a L’arrivee D3 in drop D with Capo, Fender bass, and layers of harmony vocals from Rachel and Chris. After technical obstacles with computer limitations and midi complications, the result was as epic as the recording process, and worth every challenge—long hours, laughter, tears, chocolate, random animal sounds and sushi platters.

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