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New Album For 2024 : Unspoken

We are currently recording a new album in Nashville. Join us on this Journey.



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“It's haunting, exquisite and complex - sometimes almost Celtic. Everything is so layered. It’s a sound I love as it opens a deeper place in me…I’m absolutely blown away by your voices and harmonies 


- Marta McLaughlin (Film Industry)

Our First Album


 Vancouver-based indie folk-soul  group, Likewise, writes and sings about global change from the inside out. 

Likewise’s influences include folk, rock, gospel, soul and Canadiana. Imagine Joni Mitchell sharing a coffee with Dave Mathews, Birds of Chicago, and Half Moon Run. Likewise’s music holds a thread of optimism, sharing songs of hope and transcendence through the insanity and exquisite beauty that is our collective human experience. Their self-titled debut album has been called “haunting, exquisite, and complex.”

Likewise have performed for enthusiastic audiences at Blessed Coast Festival in Squamish and Metamorfest. They are popular regular performers at Vancouver Farmers’ Markets and Granville Island. In summer of 2022, Likewise performed at cideries, breweries and wineries on the Sunshine Coast, in Kamloops and the Naramata Valley.


Likewise also hosted and performed in the Night of Song house concert series.  Audiences experience performances that take them from sacred stillness to energizing groove. From the haunting cry “In the Dark” to the upbeat anthem “Ageless Sun,” Likewise has their roots dug deep in the ground, and their hands lifted to the sky.



Likewise   FRACTALS






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